Thursday, 8 July 2010

I guess you got used to me posting every now and then (approx once in a month now). I would like to post more often but somehow this way of challenging myself is not working anymore.
I am giving myself time now, take time not to do anything, take time to do what I feel like doing (which often means "nothing") but I guess that's how it's got to be. Thank you all for still visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments. I stopped promising myself to do more sketches, more posts as that only put me off from doing it. I realized that there are certain things in life that I cannot control even though I've read tones of books how to get myself started, motivated, more creative. Sometimes I just have to trust my body and my mind and live my life my way.

I went to Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic again this year. As on all business trips..not much time for sketching but at least I had some time to walk around and take some pictures.
I really like this wall as it has such a lovely pallet of colours - warm and pinkish:)
It's a wall of Catedral Primada de les Americas - Santo Domingo.

This portrait is from Itzick flickr page - amazing range of portraits! I would love to draw them all:)

This is a sketch from my busy workplace. My highlighters...not really original. All of them have the same size and shape - my sketch is just not too precise:)
Joy Journal: "Life, as it unfolds slowly and unexpectedly."


AK said...

The wall was very interesting, nice colors and nice composition.

Odd Chick said...

You really nailed that wall and your watercolor enhanced it and didn't steal a thing from the beautiful sketch. I sometimes find that once I begin to paint, I sometimes rob the drawing of its original beauty. You seem to be to always blend the two and come out with something very sophisticated.

Dena Wilton said...

I thought you might be inspired to draw some of the faces in these photos.

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