Sunday, 15 March 2009

Through the Window ("Przez Okno")

As the weekend is coming to an end, I have to set up an aim. Last week we had one day workshop where we had to produce min 10 drawings which were related to the projects we are working on currently. It was a real enlighten day for me, as again, I realised that I need to work on my drawing skills no matter what. Working from photographs, working from life, working, working, trying new approaches (as with Face a Day project) helps me to progress.
I can do a lot in a day time, it's just that I get stuck among all students working on different projects. I know, I know, I will always find sth or someone to blame. But this time is different, this time I know what's "wrong" with me and I'm going to work from there.
Another approach I took was asking myself a question: What would I like to hang on my house walls from my own body of work? What would I like to have framed?
Hence, I'm currently looking for a cheap, old picture frames so I can have my own work framed and hanged:) Very ofter it's just a matter of asking the wright question to realise what I want.
btw. do you know where I can get cheap frames from???
monoprint, A3 size

Joy Journal: "sipping coffee in the garden."


Annie said...

Hi Aneta, I have enjoyed your drawing projects especially the faces - you have a very strong style - keep up the good work! You can buy very cheap frames in all sizes at IKEA - the nearest one to you I think would be in Purley Way, Croydon.

Anetka said...

Thanks for tip with frames Annie. I'm glad you've enjoyed my project Face a Day:)

Stephen Scott said...

I love the monoprints; I have no idea how it's done, but I love it!

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