Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Through the Window ("Przez Okno")

Ok people, here I come. On my last visit to Poland (Feb 09) I took some photos from the car when I was driving from the airport and back. The car has a whole in the floor and it was raining so the steam didn't leave the car making the outside view more misty and foggy than it really was. Anyways, later on while going through photos I've taken I thought that I would like to do some drawings and sketches from them.
So that's how I came up with my new project...
New project that I called "Through the Window". I am going to draw and sketch everything that I like that saw through the window (car window, home window, bus window, school window, shop widow etc.). It might be location drawing or drawing from photo that I've taken.
I will carry on for a week and see where it takes me:)

That's the first one. Monoprint on newsprint
Joy Journal: "lower price for oyster weekly bus pass:)"


Anita Davies said...

Great print and project!

Anetka said...

Thanks Anita:)
short term projects is all I need at the moment and seems to work for me as well as give me sense of direction.

bubblemunch said...

A cool monoprint.
Love the texture.

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