Tuesday, 24 March 2009

People don't get old as they used to...

Recently I came across this advert "People don't get old as they used to, why should your money" (or sth very similar). I think it's really difficult to get older gracefully nowadays. All this plastic surgeries, botox, silicons etc. Magazines, television, adverts make us believe that we have to look young...all the time. Maybe we do...what do you think?
Gorgeous all over and no wrinkles.

It's all good, but as for me, I prefer all these wrinkles, interesting lines that makes face interesting and full of character!!!
How about swapping looking young all our time to feeling good about ourselves.
Wouldn't this make us happier?
btw this face is from the advert I've mentioned earlier.
Canson sketchbook, A4, pencil HB & 4B

Joy Journal: "my first painting framed."

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john.p said...

I've been dealing with this lately. I can see in the mirror now some signs of age (wrinkles, graying hair, etc.) that I saw in my Dad as he aged. They were my first clues that Dad was growing older and wouldn't be middle aged forever like I had hoped. But I've accepted it so far in me. Life's to interesting to worry about appearances.

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