Thursday, 5 March 2009

Face a Day #9

Last two days were really hectic for me, and I had to strech myself to do this portrait. I am tired after whole day of visiting London galleries. If you ask me, it's much better to choose just one or two and find some interesting works in there rather then run from one gallery to another.

So, this portrait is one of these that I wouldn't like to post at all. There are so many wrong things in it. But my project is not about perfection but continiuality, putting marks in my sketchbook.
Pencil HB and 6B, Canson Sketchbook, 1 hour

Portrait is drawn from photography by Steve McCurry. Please make sure you visit his website!
I thought the Spring is on Her way two days ago...therefore this quick sketch...

I was wrong. Instead of Spring we've got Winter back:)

Joy Journal: "visiting old streets of London."

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