Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Face a Day #14

My project Face a Day is finishing today. I am proud of myself that I've managed to accomplish it and I didn't fail. Thanks to setting up this project I know better now how to trick my inner critic and more of how I like to work.
I am starting a new project tomorrow:)
If you are interested please pop in to check it out:)
I didn't go to Uni today as I am sick, I have a huge sneeze (by huge I mean sneezing at least 20 times a minute, and water coming out of my nose like from the tap) and all I could do is to fall asleep:)
canson sketchbook, 1 hour, pencil HB, 4B & 6B
Lenny Henry I was watching tv while updating my blog last night and saw him. I thought he's got and interesting face:))
Joy Journal: "Kleenex balsam tissues!!"

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