Sunday, 15 February 2009

Few Last Days

I found this poem, and thought it's worth to have it around me...
Just think about it, if you had one person repeating it to you every now and then...anything is possible.

I want to tell you that I believe in you;
I believe in your mindand all the dreams, intelligence,
and determination within you.
You can accomplish anything.
You have so much open to you,
so please don't give up on what you wantfrom life or from yourself.
Please don't put away the dreams inside of you.
You have the power to make them real.
You have the power to make yourself exactly what you want to be.
Believe in yourself the way I do, and nothing will be beyond your reach.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

Each portrait below is 80 x 60 cm. I've worked on them for the last three days and still have to work to achieve likeliness. I found it helpful when I'm working on portrait to take picture of my sketch and look at it on the screen. Then I'm able to see more what needs correction.


My father (when he was 20)

My sister

Joy journal: " whole day in bed - just sleeping"

1 comment:

simplyred said...

These are great drawings, Anetka! You are doing a good thing here, capturing your family in sketches. Keep it up.


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