Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Face a Day

From tomorrow onwards I will be aiming at sketching a face a day. That's for my new project "Face a Day" which developed from my recent work on portraits of my family. Although I've got a good memory if it comes to faces of the people I meet (opposit to remembering their names...I'm really bad at this one) I enjoy drawing portraits.

Moleskine sketchbook HB pencil
Joy Journal: "back on my bike again:)"


simplyred said...

This sketch is definitely one of my favorites! It is so expressive and tells such a story. Beautiful.

I'm looking forward to the weather being nice enough here for biking (not that I bike, I just would like for the weather to be that nice!) ;-)


Iwona said...

Anetko, dziekuje za mila uwage na moim blogu. Swietne szkice.Nie jestem tak zdolna, ale wyzwanie Face a Day, mam ochote podjac, chociaz pewnie, znajac siebie, zapalu mi starczy na jakies 7 portretow ;)

Mark Kwasny said...

I volunteer! If you need a face to draw, let me know... you can use mine. I mean, after all, it's just sitting on top of my shoulders making all sorts of dumb expressions.

Anita Davies said...

These hands are so expressive, absolutely stunning piece of work.

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