Friday, 27 February 2009

Face a Day #3

Franciszek Starowieyski was a famous Polish painter. He died on 23rd Feb 2009. Please google his works, some of them are amazing.

HB pencil A4 Sketchbook, 50min

Joy Journal: "Finally Friday:)"


Odd Chick said...

I love this portrait and it's amazing that you are doing these faster and faster. I like his white hair. I'm trying to draw everyday too, and would love to commit to faces... well, you make it look easy and it takes a lot of concentrated effort - i admire that you are doing it!!

Ann said...

These faces are fantastic. It is interesting that so far they all seem of a similar mood. Great project and very nicely done!

simplyred said...

I am SO loving these portraits. They are each so beautiful and yet so different. I admire your dedication and your willingness to follow where your art leads you. And your travels into portraiture have been wonderful to see.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I'd never heard of him until he died, but then I did see some of his works online and they were truly breathtaking.
Odd works, but in a good way.~Mary

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