Saturday, 3 January 2009

knock, knock...

I am still looking for the name of the artist I've copied this painting from...if you come across his/her name please let me know and I will update.

(that's A2 size - my scanner is not big enough...hence two pictures:))
As much as I don't like copying sometimes I find it constractive. It puts me down that I cannot come up with anything myself and I have to copy...but there is, of course, this January theme I can use - "Play" from CED - so I play with colours, and funny enough I've managed to come up with my own idea:)
Christmas Project for Uni. We have to describe, say, present somehow what Christmas is for us. For me...Chrsitmas is all about people, close ones, stangers, neighbours etc.
There is very old, almost forgotten Polish (and Litvinian) tradition during Christmas Eve (we celebrate Christmas on 24th Dec and have Christmas Eve Supper and then we open presents) any ways...the tradition is to put an extra plate on the table during Chrismas Eve Supper. The origins of this come from pagans times, when on that particular evening spirits of our ancestors had a clear passage to visit their relatives' houses. You were supposed to behave calmly, no screaming or laud behaviour allowed. Later on, Polish Catolics adapted this habit. As the Christ's Parents couldn't find the place to stay in - this spare plate is for anyone who knocks at your door at that afternoon, hungry or lonely, poor or rich, doesn't matter.
Browsing through the chats on the internet I found that it becomes less and less popular - this tradition. People are scared - they say, nowadays you can't really trust people, can you?
My Project is about opening doors to strangers...then you just turn the pages "in front of your door" to find out that the last one is a mirror (for sketchbook purposes I've used kitchen foil), so you can see yourself in front of your own door.

So here we go!

Knock, knock...

I had it in my head for some time now, I mean faces, people all this but only today I've managed to put it together. It's going to have a book like shape. Pictures are from my sketchbook.

Joy Journal:"Renting my flat away!!! Finally I found tenants:)"


Margaret Ann said...

Cool idea...I like it a lot! :)

Kathleen said...

Excellent idea - I love the faces -

purplepaint said...

Oh this is too cool! Your faces are wonderful!

Starr said...

What a fabulous blog. I always learn something when I visit your blog. You are truly inspirational. The concept is amazing and isn't great when you execute as idea in your mind. It's amazing Anetka and you should be very proud.

Mark Kwasny said...

Here's my marketing idea... put all that creativity you have oozing out of every pore of your body, bottle it, and sell it! I'll take 20%. We'll be rich I tell ya... RICH!

Or better yet, just keep posting your work on your blog and let the rest of us try to keep up!

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku

kazumiwannabe said...

The painting with the village in the snow is beautiful, as is the landscape on your post below.
Your project is very cool! Great portrait sketches, too! Happy new year to you, I wish you the best!

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