Tuesday, 13 January 2009

EDM #186

So, this is it:) My workplace, my own studio space!!! and I absolutely love it!
below one of my works for Christmas project. My Christmas since i remember were most of all about travelling and family. We traveled half of Poland to visit my family. We walked through fields and forests covered with tones of snow. So this box is about traveling in winter, when I go from one place to the other with all expectations and warm feelings, at the same time leaving behind all these thoughts as they come and go carried away with snowflakes.
On the big snowflakes I glued some images of warm homes, people, and things you might think about on your way to spend Christmas with your family.EDM No 186 "Draw something you've always wanted"

I attached a transparent thread with snow flakes (cotton balls) to the top of the box creating a front screen of snow. You can touch them and if there is a bit of wind it even looks like the snowflakes are slowly falling down:))
I made the box out of wood and the drawing is done with charcoal. I also sprinkled the snow with white glitter and (it might seem cheesy - new word I've learnt at Uni) but I like it:)
I also included it as EDM challenge 186 "Draw something you've always wanted". I've always wanted to sit in a slades and being carried by horses through fields and forests covered with snow.

Joy Journal: "new challenge to draw, there is always something new to draw!!!"


Owen said...

Congrats. That is so important. Enjoy.

Kim Saxe said...

Looks like a perfect space. Easy to hang things...nothing to worry about splattering with paint, etc.

thanks for sharing,

simplyred said...

This looks like a really cool workspace/studio. And that drawing is great, it really translates into a feeling of cold and snow. I love it.


Lynn said...

That box is so creative! I love the idea of hanging cotton balls to represent snow.

Margaret Ann said...

Nice work studio...I have had to capture my dining room table as my workspace...which is fine unless one wants to use it for a meal! LOL :)

Someday I would love to travel to Poland...my mother's side of the family was from there...This snowflake piece is charming... I love all the sentiment you put into it! Nice work! :)

kazumiwannabe said...

So cool to have your own space! Great drawing of the slade and horses! (and I love the cotton snow balls, that's fun!)

José said...


Say... do you use brushes or mops ? :-)

Kind regards,


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