Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Best Time

You are not going to believe what happened! As soon as I used the prayer for snow (only in my minds eye - imagining doing it in the forest) next mornin it was there!!! I woke up and as usual put my kattle on for coffee. When I looked out of the window first I thought it's only a frost on the grass and in the second I was running up the stairs to get my camera on so I could take a few pictures:)

Not only there was a lot of snow but it was still snowing when I was walking for my bus at 7.10 am:)
What a great present to start my week off:)

Next days'd come and gone bringing only frost and low temperatures.
But for me to see the was everything I wished for:) I could re-charge my inner artist.
Moving houses, new transport to my uni, working on my projects, whole new situation, packing and unpacking stuff like there was no end to it, left me almost exhausted.

At the same time I am grateful for everything what happened to me, good or bad things...I can feel them in my heart so strong, as I can stop for a minute and wonder that where I am now is exactly where I wanted to be. dreams, work, takes time but it all pays off. I am at art school - that was the dream of my life since I can remember. I've got my own space in studio at Kingston Uni at Fine Art . I can stay there, work as long as it takes, as hard as it takes. The smell of this place makes me feel like home, I learn so much from other students and tutors every single day. As hard as it is, but it's the best time of my life.

that's the book like shape of my idea from the previous post "knock, knock...", still not finished as I have to work on one different idea...more about it soon:)
few more pages from my A2 sketchbook

I am keeping in mind the "Play" theme from CED and I'll tell you one thing - it really helps me to get more relaxed with my media experimentation:)

Joy Journal: "lazy Sunday"


simplyred said...

You blog is so much fun, Anetka. I really enjoy seeing your wonderful artwork and seeing your progress. Thanks for adding good things to my day.


Margaret Ann said...

I am so excited for you ...this is such a special time in your life...Enjoy every second of every class in art school! :)

kazumiwannabe said...

I love your snowy (is that a word?) drawings. The one with the window and little lights is wonderful, very warming feeling!

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