Monday, 29 December 2008

what if God was one of us

what if God was one of us
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I know it's not a masterpiece...but while preparing my project for start of Uni on 5th of Jan...drawing random faces made me think. What if God was one of the faces you've drawn?

lots of amazing portraits you can find on website by Craig E Biertempfel.
Joy Journal: "Shopping at Ikea"


Margaret Ann said...

A very interesting and thought provoking idea...Nice sketch! :)

Kathleen said...

I think God is in all of us and sometimes you can catch a glimpse - Love your recent posts - prayer for snow and the Salem witch

simplyred said...

God has sent angels to walk among us. And we never know who those angels are. But they know us.

Thanks for being faithful in checking my blog. I read yours every time there is a new post but don't always stop and leave a comment. But from now on, I'll at least let you know I've been by to visit.

Have a wonderful, wonderful 2009 and keep up with the fabulous artwork.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Starr said...

I think it's a masterpiece Anetka!

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