Saturday, 27 December 2008

Prayer For a Snow

When I was a kid the most important thing in winter for me was snow. Ice skating and snowball fights, slides all this things that not once or twice almost killed me:)

Besides without snow how Santa would deliver Christmas Presents?

There was no snow in Sutton this year...but I've came out with this idea...Prayer for a Snow. You have to go to the deep forest during night and pray for a snow. I'm sure this will work next year as I will definitely perform this "ritual".

For now, just a small illustration:)

Joy Journal: "Nad coming back home from a long jouney".


Zombie said...

Sorry, you didn't get your snow.

Starr said...

What a beautiful illustration. I admire your imagination. We didn't have any snow here for Christmas either. I'll have to pray next year. LOL!

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