Monday, 10 November 2008

It's not that easy as it seems

I guess my stock of drawings I was supposed to sketch this month has been used by London Drawing Trip. Currently I'm focused on Graphic Design & Animation. It's amazing how much time and how many drawings it takes to create the simplest animation - and I'm talking about 2 mins animation.

For each second you need 12 drawings...60 secs x 12 drawings x 2 mins = 1440 drawings to make convincing (moving wise) line drawing animation. And the number of shots increases if you are using objects to make animation...then it's usually 24 shots (pictures) per second.

I want to get a good result in both Graphic and Animation as I am using my drawing skills. Graphic Design is all about positive message that I would like to send to people around me using typography. Now, this is something brand new to me but I've always loved calligraphy. I'm working on positive message now.

In the meantime - sketches from a train.

Joy Journal: "feeling that I get when I'm in a library, surrounded by so many books writen by writers - I haven't even heard about most of them... "


Starr said...

Your sketches are awesome and I love the cross hatching. I love, love graphic design. I HATED animation. I just couldn't grasp it and way to time consuming for my brain. You will love typography. I am trying to get into it more. I need practice. But looking forward to seeing your creations. Are you going to upload your animation? Exciting!

Mark Kwasny said...

Positive messaging... God knows we need more of that! I'm glad to see you sticking with it, plugging away, keeping at it (and all those other nifty American sayings). I'm proud of you, Anetka!

Anonymous said...

hi excelent sketches!!!

me gustan mucho un saludo muy grande !!

Anthony said...

Great sketches -- and good luck with that animation. I personally love animation, so much energy and fun, and you get to show it to an audience and see their reactions, something a sketch of painting can't do the same way.

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