Friday, 7 November 2008

Drawing Trip

If there was something I had to point that I've learnt from London Trip and wanted to share with someone it would be one thing - take your paper, sketchbooks and materials you can carry and set off in search for adventure, treasures by sketching and painting whatever you can ,put down on paper whatever you'll find interesting.
I met so many people, passerbys while drawing, asking me and being interested, watching me and just standing - maybe wishing to be able to do the same -interested in "why" reason, "why" do I draw, why? Why? Because there are so many things around us worth drawing and painting, so many things worth noticing- instead of ignoring them and letting them being just things you pass by every day without noticing. and don't think about final result of your sketch! it's the experience of being outdoors and cold weather that you are there for:) Every Day Matters:) Every Thing Matters.
So my Dears, with all my energy and enthusiasm I invite and encourage you to do the same, just go outdoors. In this cold let your hands become so cold that you can barely move your fingers, feel the cold and experience your hands so stiff that you cannot even draw a line the way you can do at home. Sacrifice your day or a few hours instead of spending it at home in front of tv, take your kids or loved ones you'll see how much they'll enjoy it!... race with time and cold to sketch as much as you can before your hands freeze. After a day like that there is nothing better than coming home, making yourself a nice cup of tea and eat, you will not need much just a simple food to taste and smell, and fill your stomaches up:)

Frozen body slowly become warmer, slowly you can start moving your fingers and hands , and feet. Slowly warmth comes back inside your bones while you sitting at your desk with shiny eyes go through your small treasures of the day on the pages of your sketchbook. Red and hot cheeks will last you till tired after whole day of being outside on a fresh air (for a change) your organism filled up with air and relaxed slowly falling asleep under a warm duvet.

I many important things that IAlign Centre used to know. How it is and how you manage without the things you have...all around you, when you have to set up a seat to draw of empty cartons that people left and throw away. I it is talking with a total stranger, who is dealing with cold not only delivered by weather...but by people... I forgot when you have to deal with uncomfort, and then out of nowhere someone brings you an empty box so you can seat on it and draw...I this race for comfort and wealth...what comfort and wealth truely mean.
I felt and experienced human understanding and human integrity...the fact I was among strangers, people I don't know, who earn they living doing God knows what, and there you are, standing aside, sketching frustrated [fish/ vegetables/ meat/ bread] sellers warming their bodies with hot wine, freezing your butt off - there is at the end integrity and something that we all have in common. Someone is there to sell, sing, play the instrument...and I was there to sketch. I've never felt closer to strengers that I felt there and then.

I think all of us can experience it on our own ways...that was my way and my reminder that we are here for something...a to do something.

I am so grateful for this trip, that our tutors spent so much time preparing it and trying to show us not the official side of London but experience the other side...the more human (I call it) side of it. At the end of the day you manage your own time and do what you want with it.
No matter how separated you want to be or you feel that you are from other people, the truth is that we are all in this together...trying to walk the life paths in our own ways.

few quick sketches from the first day (London Zoo). I realy enjoyed my conversations with kids, as they were so intrigued and said that they wished they had some paper and crayons so they could draw with me:) That a good tip for parents!!

Joy journal: "experience"


Annie said...

I love your drawings and also the way you describe things - always very expressive and interesting.

Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderful trip this must have been...and so many lovely memories to bring home in your sketches! :)

freebird said...

Yes, we are in this together. All imperfect people trying to get through this day and then that one. I prefer the "real" parts of cities and countries too, not the tourist spots.

Your last line for parents to bring along paper and crayons - why don't you put a black and a color crayon in your pack along with a small pad of paper to offer a kid who wants to spend 10 minutes drawing with you?

Starr said...

OH you! You write so beautifully!!! I think I might take the kids to the park tomorrow and freeze our butts off:-)! Talking to strangers used to be so hard for me. Well the kids have forced me to be an extrovert and I love it. Maybe even just going on a walk in our little town. Something. I hate TV and being cooped up...and the wind has finally quit blowing off the mountains. BTW...I always carry the primary colors in my purse in case Sorra (and eventually Hunter) wants to create something beautiful in mommy's sketchbook. She'll have more pages than me pretty soon. Happy Day!!!

kazumiwannabe said...

Great words! You almost make me want to go draw in the cold (just almost :) The drawings are great, love those little monkeys, very cute!

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