Thursday, 13 November 2008

Few minutes spare

Torn in between two (the most difficult so far) projects and lack of time I'm currently not able to visit any of my blog friends blogs!!! It's so upsetting as I really gain so much inspiration when I see my friends work and it encourages me to make more and more...but first things first. I hope after December I should be more or less settled and able to work as before.
For now...few sketches

Joy Journal: "reading book again and again"


Mark Kwasny said...

Ah, my dear, don't worry about visiting blogs. Know that you bring a sense of comfort and joy in posting your work so that others (like me!) can see some beauty. In a world that is so dark with destruction and anger, the light you bring is enough. Use your talents and go where God directs you.

Don McNulty said...

Hi Aneta,
Your drawings are great, so is your blog, lots of goodies here.
Thanks for your comments on my blog, so nice to hear from someone. You made my day today, hope you have a good one too.

Dave Linder said...

Great sketches - I love the fact that even though I may not be able to travel around the world, I can get a really good sense of what others see through eyes of their artwork -

Odd Chick said...

I know just what you mean about finding the time to view other's work and gathering inspiration from them. That's why I love to come here and see your sketches and your growth in your own work. Don't worry about us- we're here for you and proud for you in school!

Margaret Ann said...

These are incredible pieces and very well done...MY you have been busy...but I can still sense that what you do with joy! That's the most important thing! All the best to you!

Starr said...

Don't feel bad Anetka. I have been trying so hard to enjoy everyone's blogs as well and with starting school on Tuesday I am finding myself a little stressed out. I saw a bunch more of your sketches on Flick too, but have not had time to leave comments. Glad we feel the same way. But I do stop by as much as possible and feast my eyes on your fabulous work. I love your use of color lately. Keep up the fabulous work and you are still an inspiration to me:-)!

Nao Sims said...

Your work is wonderful.

Such depth and story.

Lisa Reed said...

Don't worry! Let everyone enjoy your art while you keep the balls in the air. We enjoy what you do!

simplyred said...

It feels so good to visit your blog again! I've missed being active in the blogosphere and I've missed your wonderful drawings! Thanks for keeping up with me even though I've been very inactive. Your artwork and your thoughts are always so inspiring!


Gypsy Gold Studio

kazumiwannabe said...

Wonderful sketches! The second one with the window is my favorite, love its colors and energy! don' worry about not havong time to blog, the priority is not there ; )

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