Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Buses and Choices

bus trip2
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Since it takes me quite a lot of time to get to uni in the morning I spend most of it either reading, writing...or sketching people around. There you go. This man really drawn my attention, there was something about him...
I went to London today to see exhibition "Design Your Future" organised by UCAS. Basically most (if not all) of art universities and colleges had their stands there trying to advertise themselves and drag as many students as possible.
To be honest with you, it was kind of confusing to me. I mean, I enjoy my time at Kingston. I enjoy hard work that is required by tutors and I enjoy the way they teach so for me...I see no other Uni than Kingston. But - it's just me...whereas some of my colegues they want to study far away from London - as they've spent all their lives here. Choice is ours and we decide:) unless our application will be rejected by uni that we'll apply to...

Joy Journal: "hot tea made by my friend after a long day out."


Barbara Weeks said...

Great sketches!

Kim Saxe said...

Hi Anetka,

I loved your animation. I could not believe how much effort it took, but I am glad you enjoyed doing it.

Choice. I believe "making choices" is something we need to teach children and teenagers, so they are comfortable with the choices and decision-making they will have to do as adults. I love your work.

One question: Can you tell me about your "Joy Journal" in some more detail. I find myself drawn to that concept.


simplyred said...

Your people studies are always so wonderful and this one is especially compelling. I love these drawings.

I have a question. I see now that you are spelling your name "Aneta" but on other things it is "Anetka". Which is correct?

Gypsy Gold Studio

Zombie said...

I love the old man sketch. Reminds me of someone, it is strangley familiar.

Annie said...

you're little film is great.... I did some animation at college and it took me a year to do a 5 minute film! I really love your sketches too.

clare said...

Hi Anetka,
I have enjoyed browsing your blog... Your work is wonderful and shows how much you love what you do. I tink your people sketches are realistic, very lose and fluid.
Had a lovely journey through your 'London trip' entry.
Thankyou for your visit to my blog and for your kind comments. It is great to have someone acknowledge what I do. Blessings!!!

kazumiwannabe said...

Great sketches! I had missed the your life - your choice animation, just watched it, and loved it. Great drawings, animation and message! There's a Butterfly award waiting for you on my blog if you feel like - and have the time to pick it up!

Starr said...

I admire your sketches. I need to take more lessons from you.

Anthony said...

Great sketches! The man in the hat looks like my father.

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