Friday, 3 October 2008

Fashion Culture

while reading my posts I think I really repeat myself with how fast my weeks go by and that I'm really busy with the all Uni work I'm suppose to be doing.

Three weeks block is finished now. I've completed subjects "Life Drawing and Painting" and "Fashion Culture". As much as I enjoyed the first one...the second was like a torture for me. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, going through pages of new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories's just they expected us to create something...weird. The weirder the better I suppose. And the problem is that it's not my style, I prefer stylish, elegant, and simple kind of clothes. It was a great lesson for me. How to come up with ideas, even if you are not going to use them, just bring them on and leave them. My final piece doesn't resemble anything of what I wanted to make at the beginning. I wanted to make a skirt, long, heavy. Design of this top is the best example how ideas change their shapes.
special thanks to my sister for being such a great model:))))) Thank you Basia:)))
so that would be it. I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed all this. I have. And I even learnt more from the things that I resisted the most. I thought of one design and was forced to make 20 more (below a few of the sketchbook pages). I like research, when you go and look for images that inspire you, it can have nothing to do with your garnment but it inspires you somehow. It's amazing to see how you use some of the solutions from research sheet and how uncounciously you tend to aim at this images.

(you can see close ups on my flickr)

when I finished Crits today (which is like exam thing) and I passed, I thought to myself...what is it that I'm looking for? I'm tired so my inner critic is taking this opportunity to underestimate my decisions and my confidence. Exactly, I'm tired so am not going to even answer this question. That's it.

I'm still looking for someone to rent the room to (as shared flat) so I can move to our house and finaly focus.

Tomorrow I'm attanding "Indian Festival" so I will even be able to dance to Indian music:) two weeks ago I went to Indian Wedding and the experience was really amazing.

Joy Journal: "last comment from Starr."


Starr said...

Oh my Love, I have so much to reply to this. I would wear anything you ever designed because this is AWESOME!!! And your sister is as gorgeous as you!!! I have been missing graphic design lately because the intensity of brainstorming and thumbnailing so I LOVE all of your sketches. And Kudos to you for sharing! Thank you! And as for that inner critic...I can't get mine to shut up either! Ah...someday:-)!

Mark Kwasny said...

Art, fashion... you do it all! And while I love the clothing designs -- how can I say this? -- they probably wouldn't look good on me.


P.S. Thanks for the joy journal link!

Anita Davies said...

Your design is beautiful, lots are...BUT...The difference between lots of design and your design is...I would wear this!!!
Gorgeous work!!!

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