Monday, 27 October 2008

some peace and light

some peace and light
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slowly I'm getting into winter mood. I've got my Christmas counter on, feel a bit lazy and relaxed. My body is slowing down its function processes and I like it. I am in more peace with myself.
Trying to fill up my "Old Sketchbook" with a pages without words, just feelings and intuition.

(you can check images on my flickr)

I don't know where this witches came from...but something is telling me I'm on to something:) sounds and feels interesting:)

Joy Journal: "meeting an old friend."


freebird said...

It's certainly the season for witches. Yours are great. I love them being out and about in town.

Starr said...

I love your witches!! This post is beautiful. I really need to try and draw from imagination more. Scared...but it doesn't hurt to try. Glad you're getting into the winter mood. I think I'm ready too (I say that now). Thanks again for the inspiration to try harder! LOL!

kazumiwannabe said...

Love these! They've got a great feeling. The second one with the two witches in the street is fabulous!

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