Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Let's just say it's a huge painting.

Final piece for Fine art
Originally uploaded by anecik_sz

This evening I'm not going to think about anything, no projects, no ideas, no competitivness, nothing. Clear my head of all important - unimportant things.
My final piece for Fine Art is Huge!!! Painting done with acrylics on a pcv material. I will update dimentions some other time. I guess it has a deeper meaning, but I don't want to dwell to much over it. Whatever your reaction and response is. Thank you.

Joy Journal: "frosty, crispy morning."


Zombie said...

I like this a lot. I really like the mirror imagery. Our perception is not always reality.

Odd Chick said...

This painting speaks to me a lot about body image and how perplexing that question can be

kazumiwannabe said...

Very interesting! The kind of painting I can spend a lot of time watching and thinking about - like being able to open windows and catch glimpses of... strange things... it's great! Love the way the character on the left seem to be inviting us to follow her/him!

freebird said...

It looks like someone's had trouble with anorexia. The mirror shows the skewing and the reality. This holds a powerful message. I agree with Kazumiwanabe that the lady on the left looks as though she's beckoning us onward into a very dark place.

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