Sunday, 12 October 2008

Laying down in bed with a flu, that's what I've been doing during the weekend. Weather is just breathtaking, sun is shining and it's warm. On my way home I can see so many leaves laying on the pavements, sign of Autumn.
Longer evenings give me opportunity to have some more rest, enjoy staying at home with a homemade cake, cup of a nice tea and good company or just a book.

Thinking about my opportunity of studying art I know that I want to enjoy it but also use it in a wise way, use opportunities and challange myself as well.

It's been a month now and I know that I found my place but I also know that this is not the end of my road, that the journey has just begun.

So I've set up some goals for myself, small and gentle goals that I can meet.

1. show up at the page every day, use the page to rest, to dream, to try;
2. draw and paint images that speak to me (if it's coping try to extend it, carry on with my own vision, take it further)
3. come back to EDM challanges (one a day)

I think I've found my further education field - which would be illustration. Few of my tutors suggested it when they saw my works, sketchbooks and what I've been working on during workshops.

Knowing more or less what I want to do gives me some peace, help me to rest, calm my soul. And I know it's just a beginning so I have to work harder to achieve something more than just passing the crits.

Joy Journal: "sunshine, light coming through the leaves of a tree behind my window, beautiful glow."


kazumiwannabe said...

I'm reading that book too, thanks to you and a few other people who seemed to recommend it warmly. It's amazing! Great drawings here, I love the one with just the hands hanging. Enjoy yourself, you're doing great!

Tammie Lee said...

Dear dear lady,
since you are the same age as my son..
I take this opportunity to encourage you to follow your passions! what ever excites you will take you gracefully to the next step on your journey. There is little to worry about. Just honor your heart, your passion each step of the way. These parts of ourselves are often pure and of good guidance. I wish you the best always. You have great talent and a lovely heart. It is when we resist our inner/deep guidance that we get confused and drag our feet. Wishing you the best, all ways.

Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful and soulful post...You seem to really un dersatnd what is important....Your sketches here have a delightful grace about them...Well done...

I love your first goal...very inspiring!

All the best to you! :)

Mark Kwasny said...

You are a rare individual. Is it okay if I cheer you on from across the pond??

Hugs and cheers for you. May God grant you the courage to follow the dreams He has planted in your heart.


Nao Sims said...

Life is such in interesting journey isn't it, especially when we want to do with soulful intention.

Congratulations for walking your path with such sincerity and depth.

Glad you liked the Rumi post!

PamYla said...

Hi Anetka,
You have many beautiful illustrations here. I see beautiful works! Wow the flu, I do hope that you are better soon, rest well, you will need it *hugs*

Odd Chick said...

i hope by now you're feeling better and going after those wonderful goals you set for yourself. Your drawings just have more and more depth in them. You're going somewhere, girl and I'm so glad we can tag along for the journey!

Starr said...

You are on a fabulous journey and it seems you've cleared your soul and set some fabulous goals. ((Hugs))!!! I am so glad I have met you! And I hope you are over the flu!

Jennifer Lawson said...

Just stopped by your blog, Anetka. Wonderful sketches along side your inner most thoughts. Hope you find your way and also feel better.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yeah, great sketches and interesting post, Anetka. To 'show up at the page every day'. I like that. Nice work and hope you are feeling better.

Hey, don't worry to much about the crits.

Zombie said...

One of my favorites. I feel like this most days.

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