Monday, 6 October 2008


Hey, Monday is almost over, so week doesn't seem so bad now:) I'm having a strange flu...just a fever and weakness...dizziness. Strange. Anyway, I keep on taking panadol and it keeps me going.I've read this post on Felicity's blog and it keeps on bothering me...what's art, who needs it? What for...?? How much?I guess, I have to answer these questions myself and keep myself making art not thinking or wandering what is it for?
Maybe that's how we all get discouraged...It would be great to make money, loads of it with drawings or paintings that is my aim actualy (not loads of money but sell some drawings and paintings:). So I have to keep on doing it and not sabotaging myself with the questions ..."what's the use" because by stopping I am not going to have anything done and therefor I won't be able to sell anything...
My Grandma is coming back again in my thoughts and dreams. I don't know why exactly...maybe she's trying to remind me of something...or maybe just to give me some encouragement:)

Joy Journal: "my old friend from gramma school asked me when is he going to be able to buy any of my paintings...:) seriously:)"


Odd Chick said...

I hope you're feeling better. This is a lovely drawing of your grandmother. It's amazing to me that you draw from memory so well. Thank you for the blog award and I have passed it on.

Starr said...

This is so nostalgic and lovely. I hope you are feeling better. Everyone seems to be feeling ill lately. Have a great week!!!

This is a note from Sorra:

Have no idea what she wrote:), but she insisted on typing. LOL

rachel esther said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog!

Amazing that you were thinking of your Grandma this week too - beautiful sketch of her. I love the colours.

I hope you are feeling better by now.

I look forward to dropping by again.

Mark Kwasny said...

I walked into an art museum last Sunday and answered the question, "who needs art?"

We do. We all do. Men and women in all ages have been inspired by art. Men and women have put their creative genius spirit to work through art.

While man creates a lot of damage and destruction, he also can create beauty when he puts his mind to it.

God inspires beauty. It is up to us to translate that onto paper, wood, ceramic... whatever.

Just because...


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