Saturday, 25 October 2008

Final Caricature for Visual Studies

"Success is dependent on effort." Sophocles
I so much enjoy studing foundation of art at Kingston. People in our group are so different from what I've seen in adults. I guess I miss that thing, at some point we loose this freshness, this passion, this enjoyment of what we are doing.
I wonder why is that? Why do we let this happen to come we miss to notice that? are we too busy with other things we have to deal with on a daily basis?
With me, I've noticed that I came to this point when I was doing only things that were "worth doing" in my books and dictionary. When I had something out of what I was doing.
I missed all the fun in doing things just for the sake of doing them. I went to the library the other day and noticed they've changed the display just outside it. Now it's about Halloween - Witches - Vampires and I can feel how inside my inner artist was pleased with what she saw! Books, spider webs, spiders all around! Creations just for fun, for the certain time. Soon it will change for something else - Christmas I suppose. But it's worth to change something in your life, small things to see the difference, to feel the difference.
I don't even know if my words make sense at the moment...

anyway, tonight we gain one hour of sleep:) day light in the morning and long evenings:)

I promise it's the last time I show this cartoon on my blog:) final piece on A3 paper with HB and 6B pencils. I can move on to new project now:) never in my life did I spend so much time on a drawing (6 hrs). And I'll tell one thing - being an artist is not an easy job to do!!:) but I LOVE IT:)

Joy Journal: "sitting by the fire place slowly falling asleep, warmth and safetiness of your own home."


Starr said...

Oh and you did sooooooo good! I can see why you won't do another for awhile becaue it looks difficult. Your words ALWAYS make sense to me:-)!

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious sketch...welldone...I especially loved you joy journal entry for the day...sooo dreamy and lovely! Aaaaahhhhh!:)

freebird said...

Enjoyed the sketch but even more, I enjoyed your post. It's so true we don't stop to play. I know I don't. On my journal spread for this week I was really practicing with an ink pen and just at the end I started to play and it was so much fun. If you care to see it, it is here. You'll be able to tell where I started playing I think.

Odd Chick said...

It was so fun to see the final piece and how you kept adding depth to it.

kazumiwannabe said...

Your final piece is perfect! Love the face of the blond woman, she's fun! I liked what you said, I love this feeling, when the perespective shifts a little and everything seems more interesting and real!

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