Thursday, 16 October 2008

"Answered Prayers"

"YOU WORRY that your originality is flagging. You fear your ideas are stale or unworkable. You are afraid your time has passed. Make me your origin. I am a bottomless well of inspiration. I invite you to dip in.
I am the great thinker. With me as your source, your ideas are fresh and usable. You are in your prime. You are at the height of your creative endowment. Do not seek to separate yourself from me to be independent. Rather, rely on me. Lean on me. Depend on me. Let your glory come from reliance and not defiance. Open your mind to me. Present to me your puzzzles and the areas in which you seek inspiration. Allow divine mind to enter human mind. Permit me to act through you.
As my thought is inspired, so, too, is yours. The originality of your ideas is beyond question. Your thought reflects my flexibility and innovation. Your thought reflects the power of my vision. Ask me to be your muse. Rely upon me to be your wellspring. Gently set all ego aside and be a channel for my thinking to come into the world.

Trust that I think through you."
Julia Cameron "Answered Prayers"

these words made my soul calm today, I thought I'll share it with all of you visiting my blog, my life.

Yes, it's caricature time again. Working my way out of this:) Final piece due next Friday, still haven't decided if I'm going to do it in colour or b/w (with pencil or ink). At least format is clear enough - A3. Big Deal...

better view on my flickr:)

Joy Journal: "working on my art in the evening with Nad next to me surfing on internet:)"


Waiting... said...

Thank you for this incredible quote--it was just what I needed to hear today.
I love your blog!

kazumiwannabe said...

They look great! It's like you've done caricatures all your life : )
Loved the quote too, it's hard not to doubt, and words like these help!

Odd Chick said...

I added this to my favorite journal as a gentle reminder to lay my ego down let His work be done through me.. thanks for the reminder.
Your caricatures are wonderful - not an easy thing to pick up on so quickly as you have, I would think.

Mark Kwasny said...

Nice faces! I love the expressions especially which really give caricature its kick.

Remember: without God, we can do nothing. And there is nothing good we can do on our own. It may seem trite but it's true... let go and let God.

Starr said...

I love Julia Cameron and almost picked up this book the other day since I've read a bunch of her work. It calmed me-Thanks. Your caricatures look great!!! You are really good at them. Impressed as Usual:-)!

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