Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sights of Autumn

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My mother went for cigarette downstairs, she came back after 10 min and brought me these conkers. Yesterday closed, today slowly opening.
Autumn is here.

please do not mention "Introduction" project...

Joy Journal: "walking in the rain without umbrella".


Odd Chick said...

I had never heard of conkers. So I googled


So you can play a game with them.. can you eat them??

Odd Chick said...

Great sketch and shadowing by the way..

Don McNulty said...

Hi Anetka, your drawings and your blog are great!
Conkers!!!! wow!, I have not heard that term for about 60 years, honestly, we used to play conkers in elementary school when I was about 12 yrs old. Nice that some things remain the same.

Lynn said...

Great drawing, Anetka! I also really enjoy your "joy journal" entries. They are quite inspirational.

Starr said...

What are conkers?? LOL! Whatever they are you have illustrated them beautifully!!!

kazumiwannabe said...

Great drawing! I love eating them but we have them a lot later in the season. There are feast organized in my area called "Fête de la chataigne" (conker's feat)and we do parties called castagnade just to get together and eat some!

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