Tuesday, 16 September 2008

page of charcoal

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today's life drawing was all about charcoal. We had to fill the whole page with charcoal marks pressing it against different surfaces and then draw a model by removing charcoal with a rubber.
Interesting experience again, trying to bring to life a black surface. I found that everything I've done so far at Uni taught me a lot in terms of composition and stepping out of a comfort zone by exploring new mediums. I also found that I feel less stressed with the final result and enjoy process instead.

Joy Journal: "fusk of coffee I brought with me to uni."


Starr said...

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun and it shows. I love this!!!! And what's funny is that I am in dire need of inspiration and creativity, as well as color:). I went to the library yesterday and got as many books as they would let me. Well, what's wierd is this project in charcoal was one of them...so do you care if I try it. LOL! I am on a mission to get dirty and not worry about perfection. It's time to explore. And again, many thank u's for your encouragement. (And maybe we can get through the long, dark months ahead together!)

Just because said...

Might be time to throw finger paints on a huge canvas and then just have at it!

Hi Anetka! I'm back into drawing body parts and stuff. Been a rough few months, but all the experience brings so much material to work with.


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