Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Beginning

Currently I am trying to find myself in a new environment...and come to the terms that currently I am unemployed. I am staying at home trying to focus on preparing myself to Uni and on fillling in a sketchbook for my Introduction Project. It takes different, unfamiliar shapes and sometimes I wonder if I know what I am doing... In times of doubt I am making a pact between me and Creative Force - I put down on a piece of paper "Ok, Creative Force, I take care of quantity and You take care of Quality" helps me to keep some doubts in a safe distance from my mind (powerful tool from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron).
My mind blocks me from time to time with questions, doubts,, dark visions of an unemployed artist, but I am trying to trust my instincts, which wisper right directions and ways and even though I have my doubts I have to try and fight!

In the meantime outside the window Autumn slowly replaces Summer with her beautiful colours. I've noticed a week ago falling leaves. Unfortunatelly Summer didn't stay long this year in Sutton.
Prague days are behind and belong to my past but general beauty still stays in my heart and my inner artist still sings beautiful songs about this city, therefore be prepared to see on my blog from time to time remaining sketches from my last trip.
The quality of the pictures of the sketches is not too brilliant but currently I haven't got my scanner so...

yesterday I've started my Mother's portrait which I am going to include in my project. I think about her, her strenght, her power and support I've received and still receiving from her and if anyone asked me which women I admire the most - I say "My Mother", and I will always cherish her and will be grateful for everything she's done for me.

I am also going to include portraits of Nad and my sister.

I've noticed that the longer I work on portrait I tend to "destroy" it more...(30 min, mechanical pencil HB)

now that slowly I am breaking through my own doubts I have to focus on creating and action rather than thinking tooooo much.

Joy Journal: "staying in bed till 9 am and peace in me that I do not have to hurry anymore".


kazumiwannabe said...

These new drawings are fabulous! The domes and roofs from Prague look incredible, and you're doing a fantastic job with your mother's portrait too. It shows that you love her and know her well, the way you let her personnality show!
I love reading your posts, as well as seeing your art. You seem to be on a very interesting road!

Odd Chick said...

I was happy to see your drawings! Beautiful domes and detail and your mom's portrait is just so tender and real. I'm also glad that you are sharing your new, but scarey beginnings with us. I believe you've been given everything you need to fulfill the dreams you have within you...It's amazing with just more time and more rest how much more creative you can be or at least I've found that to be true in my own life.

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