Monday, 29 September 2008

Living a dream

New ideas, new challenges and the most important - being yourself and creating your own projects and ideas (not coping - imitation is not inspiration). Getting current - that's all.

I spent weekend on coping some drawings from Giovanni Civardi's book...trying to find out my way of hatching and cross-hatching and filling up my "BODY BOOK" (more on flickr)

Apart from drawing I was sewing a top - another project for Fashion Culture (I still have to do the photo shots with a model and a few touches here and there).
Oh...I just spilt some coffee on my white top...great:)
anyways some sketches from gallery visit, next time I have to remember to take the pictures from drawings I make at Uni, so I can post them and get some constructive critic comments:)

Joy Journal: "coming back to a warm home"

btw. this post makes a total number of 100 posts I've published:)


Odd Chick said...

Congrats on your 100th posts and I can't wait to see your future art. I haven't worked with cross-hatching but I've always noticed that you use it frequently and it adds depth to your work that mine does not have so it gives me something to try harder to achieve.Hey, I want to see a picture of your blouse and model too. I love fashion.

Starr said...

You crack me up:)! I spill coffee on everything! I've ruined a many projects, but I can't quit! I admire that you sew. You'll definitely have to post your fashion. Love your sketches! Your my inspiration to be a quick sketcher. Anyways, I left you an award on my blog...even though others have given you the same one. I just can't help it. LOL!

Mark Kwasny said...

"...being yourself and creating your own projects and ideas..."

Girl! I don't think originality is your weak spot. Everything you create has a dash of your own style and personality. Keep it coming!


Dave L. said...

Your blog is one of the first ones that I check religiously every day - Love your sketches - keep up the great work!

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