Friday, 5 September 2008

how little/much one need to move to another country?

Ok, now since I am working on my sketchbooks I've also realized that I need to finish A1 format for my Introdution...I guess I should say "Eureka".
Haven't got much to post though as most of my work is not really to be posted. But I've come up with one idea... "How little/much do one need to move to another country?".

I moved to London in 2004 and thinking about it I realized that what I brought with myself to start a new life here.

so extra things not mentioned on sketch...
1. underwear (incl. socks)
2. Umbrella
3. sketchbook & pen or pencil
4. tbc...

when I think of these times...I know that the most important thing of all is your courage and determination.

Joy Journal: "afternoon nap."

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Starr said...

I love everything Anetka! My favs are the portrait of your mom and the sketches in the airport. I am not ignoring you, my computer crashed! Devastating! I am currantly using my husbands laptop my internet access! But I have been progressing along wonderfully in my new journal. I can't wait to post. Thanks again for the motivation. LOL

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