Thursday, 24 July 2008

Overcoming Creative Block

I think it's a good idea for me to call this drawing finished! I am not going anywhere else with it, and my procrastination time is over now! I am happy with it - as for my first portrait in pencil (HB)
I had to hold myself back from keep on "perfecting" it...a small tauch here and there...maybe something else, maybe darker, maybe...oh shut up!!! Since I've realized that my life doesn't really depend on the final result I could call it finished:)

There are plenty of improvements, different ways etc. but one thing is certain. I've chosen one way and that's my way, noone elses.

On the bus yesterday

I'll tell you one thing, there are drivers and drivers. Some drivers think that instead of people they are driving a bus filled with potatoes. Yesterday it was one of them "Potatoe Driver". With them even my travel sickness tablet fails!!!

After preparing dinner last night I sat down to my project "Introduction". I do a lot of writing...that's what worries me. I haven't got many pictures (not even one) to relate to, so I spend my time on the internet searching for photos from Poland years 1980 - 1990 (PRL time). I've done a few sketches from memory (oh my God - you don't want me to post those...) and I think this one is the best...depict of Polish Buchers Shop...nothing on the shelves - no meat...but hey, the shop is there

These were the times when there was nothing, no choice, you could only get what government thought you should have (2 pair of socks for winter, 2 t-shirts, one pair of shoes etc.)

Funny thing that people when they talk about these times they miss it somehow...good memories but we are happy everything changed for us, and we won our freedom.

I am happy I made a start on my project and I'll see where it leads me:)

Of course since I have an internet access I try to pop into postmaniac webpage as often as...

Funny thing is that when I sketch these poses...whey all look like aliens to me:)

Joy journal: "coming out of my creative block - only by creating more"


Alan said...

Keep at it no matter what. You do well everytime

Shirley said...

Hancock is amazing. I could'nt even imagine needing to do anything more to it. And your other sketches are delightful. Please keep sharing.

simplyred said...

"Hancock" is just wonderful. I can't see how you could improve on it in any way. I really love it.

And I'm looking forward to keeping up with your "Introduction". It should be a rewarding trip. Your sketch of the butcher shop has such a strong feeling, especially since you have shared the background of what it is. I cannot imagine what it must have like living under those conditions.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Deb said...

Hancock looks amazing!!!! Wonderfully done!

kazumiwannabe said...

Hancock is awesome! I love the Polish butcher's shop too, great drawing and very impressive image.
The posemaniacs are great, reminds me I really need to find some time to work that too! I don't want to intrude with what you feel about your introduction assignment, because everyone has his own way to deal with pressure and motivation, but seeing your talent and obvious dedication, I don't see how it could turn bad...

Brushworker said...

Hi-Hot in London, huh? 89F here in Masssachusetts today while standing outside doing an oil picture. Your figure sketches are great...are your sketchbook images which you post done with watercolor? Do you carry them on the bus??? You're a clever artist!!

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