Monday, 28 July 2008

How much do we really need?

It's really hot now in London! The worst part is that there seem to be no air to breath, no breeze, no are on 24/7:)
That's what I call summer - at least we've got a few days of it finally.
Coming back from work on Friday - quick sketch and not so quick with church - I even managed to add the colours when I was sitting on a bench:)

Then on Saturday I've done a quick sketch from memory...this is my Grandmas' village where we used to go for school holidays...that meant 2 months in the middle of nowhere!! The closest shops (with food) were 30 min away by bike ...but I remember we had so much fun so many was like an escape island for me...girl from a grey search for colours. I guess that's why I love nature so much...anyways bikes where really good, I mean there were only 4 for the whole family - 3 for women and 1 for man...
Sometimes (very often) in the middle of the way it just broken down, so you had to repair it yourself or stop another cyclist to repair it for you.
Sometimes it took you half a day to get somewhere.
The best were Sundays when the whole family went to a church. My Grandfather had a car but at that time it was out of the garage only on Sundays - to go to church. Obviously not whole family fitted in the car so some of us had to go by bike...and that meant bike repairs every now and then on our ways to and back from church.
sometimes car got damaged as well...and had to handle the situation yourself:) This is another part page from my sketchbook - these are ration stamps issued by a government allowing the holder to obtain certain rations (of meat, sugar, flour, milk etc.) They are usually issued in the war time...but in Poland government decided to issue them in 1976 first for sugar and then slowly including more and more...officialy they were stopped in 1989.

They are still used on Cuba and in Korea.
as an example the meat rations were as follows:
for the office worker - 2.5 kg of meat (per month) incl. ham and sausages etc.
for the phisical worker (blue collar) - 3.9 kg of meat per month
that coupon only entitled you to claim for food, you still had to pay with money.

for me it's a good way to remind myself about my past, what we had to go through, and one more thing...that to be happy you don't really need much...

Joy journal: "a few days of a beautiful weather."


Nadeem said...

You are my inspiration. I always see something differnet and better.
Just keep trying and follow your instinct and heart.
You surely know how to express by your pencil your feelings.
That pucher shop the background and twi ladies it just gives you that feel.
Please keep sharing.
God bless you.

Anetka said...

Thank you very much Nadeem!!!

Alan said...

Well done. These pages will preserve memories. I also found the ration stamps interesting. It is good that you can put them into a context.

simplyred said...

I am so very much enjoying going along with you on the journey through your memories. How fascinating. Your journaling of these memories is such a good thing. Thanks for sharing your sketches and your memories with us.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Margaret Ann said...

These pages are amazing...a visual and nostalgic treat. We all should do more of this kind of thing...before long all the stories will be forgotton. Thanks for sharing these with all of important thing to do. I must do something have inspired me! :)

Dorothy said...

Hi Aneta...I'm new to EDM and just saw your post. I love your blog, your journal sketchings! What a talent you have! Your work is amazing! Can't wait to see what you do next. Love the way you put color and pencil on the same page. And your greens....oh my...they are beautiful!!
PS..there were ration stamps in the US during WW2. I wasn't alive then..but my Mom would tell me about food rationing.

kazumiwannabe said...

This is a great way to keep and transmit your memories! I love the sketch you did from memory of your grandmother's village, and the way you illustrate your story. Great conclusion too! : )

linda said...

I completely loved reading your blog, your stories of your childhood and your art is amazing and fascinating too, reading the text...

thanks for sharing a bit of you!

Leslie said...

I agree with the others- it is fascinating reading about your memories, and seeing the illustrations to go with them. Thanks so much for sharing!

odd chick said...

the story you told today through your sketches and journal are helping me to see why you are such a deep and amazing young woman. It is your experiences that have made you rich in complexity and triumph. I admire you so much.

freebird said...

It's good to remember the past when you can find ways to find the happiness in it. Sounds like you enjoyed your grandparents a lot. It's also nice that you are sketching and journaling the times you knew for the future and doing a good job of it.

seesue said...

I love that top picture! and the memories...!

Katy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! This is a wonderful post! Very moving. Thank you.

Kathleen said...

Anetka - I don't always take time to read the everyone's journaling but yours is well worth the time - Thanks for sharing your memories and it should make us all be thankful for the lives we live and the plenty we have :>)

PS your artwork is lovely too!

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