Friday, 27 June 2008

what happens under my desk?

OMG!!! I didn't think I'm going to be so tired during moving my flat! It's not that physical work that makes me tired...yesterday when I took all the things out of capboards, drawers, under the sink area...and I saw all that mess I thought "that's it - game over"...

made myself a cup of tea and gathered my thoughts on where to start.
Gradually I've managed to make a start, and when Nad came back from work and started helping it became more real - the idea of emptying the kitchen.
I just cannot believe how much rubish and staff was in there.
The plan was that I clean the kitchen...that's much for the plan. After two rounds by car with all the bags and cartons we've had take away (Nandos:) and just talked for a while.
I woke up this morning feeling tired, but at least the kitchen is almost empty now, so I can make a start on cleaning today:)

Another thing that worries me is putting all that staff in our "new" flat! It seems too small for everything that we've managed to collect during the past year!!!

This week has been really hectic...and it's not over yet.

that...and not only that you can find under my desk at work...I don't know how it happens...maybe that's why I've got so much stuff at home...I'm like a hamster, I just cluster:)

almost forgot!!!
Joy journal - "Nandos dinner:)"


Anita Davies said...

Anetka, I have spent a wonderful coffee break sitting here reading through some of your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and works with us and good luck with the move!

Zombie said...

I like the drawing, it looks a lot like under my desk.

Alan said...

Hope the move works well for you. I've done it enough times to know how stressful it can be, but also know that it is a time to see what we have accumulated and gives the opportunity to get rid of things no longer needed.

john.p said...

Great sketch of what we all have but don't want to admit in public. And a move just brings it all in the open, too. Good luck moving.

kazumiwannabe said...

Haha! I love your sketch! Very well done and funny! Where do you put your legs?

odd chick said...

THis is hilarious- the stuff under your desk and your adorable description of yourself as a hamster - I love it- maybe because it's nice to know another hamster!
wonderful drawing!!

Don McNulty said...

Love your watercolors, enjoyed the music and the commentary. My wife and I were in London on the way to and from France. Love London also. There is nowhere like the National Gallery, still can't believe it is free.

Christie said...

What happens under your desk might be a bit chaotic, but what happens under mine is downright scary. I love your drawings and posts.

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