Thursday, 12 June 2008

Stamps and Envelopes

I had to cover Reception today and while sorting post it occured to me that I really like receiving letters with loads of stamps or scrabbles on the envelopes.
It's so good to read everything what's on stamps, you can learn so much from such a small thing!!! Like who was the first woman pilot!! or see places that otherwise you wouldn't even think to look for (insides of synagoges). Amazing.

I hate new franking machines, it's all done for speeding up...well as todays note in my calendar states "Time is to stop everything happening at once". And now I remember...sometimes I am so busy that slowing down to draw or sketch makes me feel's like a time travelling to present tense!
Joy Journal - "ordering pizza for take away. :)= eating healthy can be suspended for one day:)"


odd chick said...

You have so many interests. I bet you are rarely bored. I admire so much that you find joy in what some people would call simple pleasures - like you found a way to make the mail interesting! You are young now, but this curiousity and interest in everything will serve you well throughout your life.

lyn said...

Very lively line in your drawings, the line seems to go abit thick and thin, thats very nice. What type pen is it? I found a staedtler on the ground that I liked very much so I ordered a .3 pigment liner. I either came dry or I used it on a watercolor and ruined it. Keep the energy in your work. Thanks for your comment on the Hands post.

Margaret Ann said...

Thise stamps ROCK...I feel the same way...very cool sketches! :)

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