Thursday, 26 June 2008

Soon I am going to have the internet access at home:) so first of all I will be able to focus properly (not like during my lunch break in office) and secondly I will be able to use sites like !!!
I really cannot wait:)
For now, I draw only from printouts I do during my already limited spare time…
We are currenly in the process of moving out from our flat – my staff has been devided into two flats now and very often I find myself thinking what I would be able to do if only I had things that I left in the other flat! Sick, sick, sick, this is sick!!
Anyway, Sunday we need to hand over the keys to this flat.
Below you can find a sketch of our sofa fully covered with clothes (!!)– it’s amazing what you can find when're you moving your staff. The day before we’ve realized that Nad has got at least 10 jackets!! And he barely wears 2!!!J

Weather wise - beautiful, sun is shining so probably I will have a walk during my lunch break:)
yesterday I was thinking about this exhibition I went to see couple of months back ""The Return of the Gods: Neoclassical Sculpture in Britain" and since I like sketching sculptures recently I've done this pencil drawing (HB, 3B) - took me 40 min. (unfinished of course).

Joy journal - "afternoon nap:)"

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Anonymous said...

great sofa with clothing drawing. that big mass of colour in the middle of the page is fun to look at. good eye for interesting things!

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