Tuesday, 24 June 2008


yesterday's evening classes (oils on wood). I think you can just tell if someone likes or dislikes his/her job by the face expression...so here is a question...does the model above like it or not?

I really enjoy talking to Dylan Stone, he is such a cheerful person, and a great artist. He encourages everyone to make art and when he talkes it seems like making art is as natural as anything else. He doesn't complain that he has to teach students for living, he doesn't complain that he doesn't spend as much time making art as he wants to.
He just gets on with his life, with his call.

I've got so much to learn from him, I am really grateful he's been my tutor for the last year.

Joy Journal: "assambling our own wardrobe (Nad did the greatest job!!) and it's there in our bedroom:)"
"Giving away one of my paintings "Sasha" to my class mate"


odd chick said...

wish I was learning oil on wood! The comment I made about the queen referred to your sketch on June 18. I was just curious about it and wanted to know more.

Alan said...

I am not sure she looks like she wanted to be there. The face does have a story to tell I am sure. Nice work.

Kathleen said...

I would say she was not an enthusiastic model- I enjoyed reading your blog you expose more of your heart and soul than many - I hope you realize the life of your dreams - P.S. I also enjoy your artwork but I do think it is more about the journey than the product

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