Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Motto*Kindness*Just Some Thoughts

Motto for today
"If you are going through hell, keep going."
It’s a beautiful day outside the window, I am sitting in my office working away, trying to focus my attantion on work, not on the fact that I would love to be doing something else. Yesterday, I went to college and as we were painting I had a short chit chat with other classmate and Dylan our tutor. The question that was asked "Is your current job something that you’d like to do for the rest of your life?" it’s a coinsidance that yesterday I came across a blog where most of the work was about letting yourself do what you really love to and just believe in yourself, your dreams. And it's also a coinsidance that my friend sent me an email reminding me that in 20 years time I will only regret what I haven't done...not what I have!
I know what I want:
I want to paint
I want to draw
I want to create
I want to make beautiful art

I want to learn as much about this field of work as possible so I can work and earn money from what I love doing. I just don’t believe in myself that’s all. Oh well...

another thing is that I am in the middle of coping someone else's drawing (because I want to learn myself how to do draw in a certain way) anyway...while drawing I was saying to myself that what I am doing is merely worth showing to anyone as they would laugh at me...that I am not goood etc. But I continued to draw and with time this voice was faiding away and it was only me and my drawing.

Today I am thinking that if anyone - I repeat anyone - showed me this kind of work, this kind of effort in trying to improve oneself I would say something like - Oh my God, it's great that you are doing it, it will help you, and don't worry - beginnings are always hard - keep walking, keep going, keep drawing.

So today, I am addressing these words to myself and I am glad that I am nice to myself!

above my classmate (oils on wood) I offered that I'll finish this painting and give it to her...and she agreed!! she wanted to have my painting:)

Joy Journal: "my classmate wanted to have my painting:)"

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Jennifer Lawson said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on making art. Like many of us, you have a passion to draw and paint and that is a wonderful gift. Your classmate is very lucky to have this wonderful portrait done of her and then to have you give it to her. It's wonderful.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

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