Wednesday, 25 June 2008

life goes on

Despite all the efforts of deny, time is really going forward and no matter how long I will be stacked in one place, it's all about art.
Above Queen Victoria - just imagine she had 9 kids with the same husband (love of her life), great, strong, famous woman. Below my lunch break -

unfinished (time run out before I could finish it) oh's about process, progress not the finished product.

Weather is really nice, warm - no sunshine but at least it's not raining.

Joy journal - "MY SISTER, I am grateful that She is:)"


peggy said...

I knew I had seen her before!!
Hey, have you checked out this site? It was really helpful to me. I thought about you and how you are working on your art.

Anetka said...

I've seen this site before and I really want to start using it as it's deffinitely a good practice!!
Soon I 'll have an internet access at home!!!
it will allow me to spend time and draw!!:))

thanks for suggestion!!
and for stopping by:))

seesue said...

Love the drawings. Love that you're making the time to draw! Best of luck with your move and cleaning.

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