Wednesday, 18 June 2008

...keep going

this morning it was harder than usually to drag myself from the warm bed...but I have to stick to my plan - drawing in the morning. It's not like I am forcing myself to do it. I know if I don't sketch in the morning later my time fades away and I get really frustrated and moody. So the salution is obvious.

I am still working on folds - I gave myself two weeks. In the meantime I've managed to collect my thoughts yesterday on my Introduction project. I know more or less what I want to do in my sketchbooks.

Let's see:)

I've also started to feel that I need to start living my life now, not in the future, not when everything is and now I have to include art in my life, otherwise I'll go mental blaming everyone around that I am not doing my art...

Joy journal - "lunch prepared by Nad last night:) rice and curry, yammy, yammy"


wagonized said...

Very refined and delicate.
Folds are just so darn intricate, but you seem to be headed in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely! And thank you for linking to my site! :)

Karen Winters said...

Just keep doing it Anetka - don't worry about today or tomorrow, just making art in the present. The rest will take care of itself in time. You're doing fine!

lyn said...

Nice drawing,sensitive line, looks like every line counts. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Continued success!

Anetka said...

thank you all for your comments!

thank you.
It's so simple and so difficult.
but I keep on doing it, it's the only possibility for me!

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