Monday, 16 June 2008

inner critic

Weekend is over and a new week started - new beginning for me as I tend to start a new diet, a new plan, a new something on gives you a kick start:)
Yesterday Nad took me to Dover to see Dover Castle and White Cliffs. Both were a great feast for my soul and inner/outer artist. Amazing it is to see where and how people used to live, Kings in their castles and the rest of the people somewhere else...what a difference!!

As much as I love this ancient times, I wouldn't like to live in these times...where avarage lenght of human life was 35-40 years!!!!
Just think about it, life was shorter and you didn't have so many opportunities as we have now - really we can be whoever we want to be, opportunities are endless and everything depends on us...on me and the only thing I have to realize is to follow my dreams and stop being lazy and look for excuses why I can not do what I want to do.

Anyway, after whole day of walking we were exhausted...specially Nad:)

I didn't really catch the colours of the skin and t-shirt...but hey I was tired too:)

I am working on texture at the moment, I am trying to make my drawing look more real, it's really frustrating, but I think the best part is when you sweat, try, hate it and then open your sketchbook next day and....have this feeling that it's not a totall disaster, that it looks ok:)) that's what makes me happy and proud of myself, that I didn't give up, still gave it a go and the result is not bad:) I tend to be the worst ever critic to myself while drawing, while even preparing myself to draw or sketch, but when I overcome it...I feel better. So for me the most important thing is to "cross the first block - which is inner critic" below is a result of textures - these are done from the pictures:)

Joy journal - "yesterday I saw a sea and heard gulls, which reminded me of my childhood holidays"

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