Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Coming back home & EDM 1 (part II) Draw a shoe

From two days now I've been roller skating back home. It's not the same skating in a park where the surface is flat, no stones or grass coming out of the asphalt then skating down the hill where the surface is constantly surprising you and you've got roads coming out of nowhere cutting the pavements! You have to be in constant control over what you are doing, which involves all my muscles and I can admit that on a few occasions I've almost killed myself (it's always better than killing a passerby...)
So, above you can see my skates (which I sketched sitting in my kitchen and contemplating). Yesterday I was thinking, now that they are adjusting to my feet, I can feel they are a little bit too big so I have to fill it with two or three cotton buds:)
Let's see, today it might rain and if it does, I cannot skate...

I already feel my muscles (specially front calf, bum and back), and because I have to skate with my knees bent, my back is reminding me that I am not 20 any more:)
whoever lives nearby Sutton or Mitcham do not, I repeat, do not come out on the streets between 5.20 - 6.20 pm. It's for your own safety.

Joy Journal - "sketching again"


seesue said...

OMG love your journaling and your sketch. I'm about to head out on my bike to work but don't feel that I'm TOO much of a hazard. Thanks for the morning grin.

Leona Ellsworth said...

Great workout for your legs! I use to rollerblade when my son was little enough to fit in the jogger. Now he is 10 and I'm learning to skateboard w/him. Good
thing I kept the safety gear. Great sketch

Christie said...

Love the journal, the sketch, and it's great to be both creative and physically fit, isn't it?

peggy said...

I am impressed that you can skate on such a terrain but I'm very impressed with your sketching. I can tell you're someone who would be very fun to get to know.

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