Friday, 2 May 2008

shame, shame...

Well, recently I've been working on shading and line exercises. Nothing special just endless pages of hatching, cross-hatching (and oposite)etc. Cannot get my head around sketching. So I've decided to post a few of my sketches I've done in Poland.
First, I didn't have much time but managed to sketch my fathers' clocks and he's got quite a collection.
collection below stands on my fathers' shelf - the best part is that none of these clocks are working:) they are not broken my father don't wound them.

few more...some of them hang on the walls some are placed...everywhere.

I can bet he still got a few hidden somewhere:)

Next a few more things he's got collections of as well. It would take me my whole lifetime if I was to sketch all things he collects...but anyway:) lets move on.

I guess I've taken it after him, I love to collect old, antique things:)

now a few sketches from the airport

I am really shy if it comes to sketching in public, I am alert to anyone who watches me thinking God knows what, but I must admit that it's much easier for me if no one knows me...then I feel capable of sketching. Otherwise if I see someone I know...I quickly close my sketchbook.

I am starting "JOY JOURNAL" today (Ernie you know what I'm talking about:)- what makes me happy right now? sunshine


Roshanda said...

I love these! Your sketches are wonderful. You are doing a great job!

Alan said...

Lots of very nice drawings. You are doing just fine. Don't doubt your ability.

PamYla said...

YOu have been busy! All of your drawings look nice!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

You've been busy! Great stuff.

simplyred said...

Well, your Joy Journal is going straight into MY Joy Journal. Knowing you have started one makes ME happy!! As does looking at your wonderful sketches. For someone who can't get her head around sketching, you are certainly doing a wonderful job of sketching. Relax and enjoy it.


Margaret Ann said...

What fun these sketches are! I and simply in love with the clocks! Very clever and fun! :)

P.S> What is a Joy Journal? :)

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