Friday, 9 May 2008

Saji's visit

I didn't manage to do any drawing or sketching last night as I was...exhausted. Today we had a visit from our prev employee Saji, his wife and youngest (of three) daughter, only three months old. In January he suddenly lost his sight and can't see anything now...he was always smiling and seemed happy. Now he is just trying to meet the ends...and insurance or pension isn't enough. He will lose his house. At least the social care is better in London than in Poland (thanks God) so they will provide him with house...but still.
I've got something in my mind but need to prepare all paperwork to proceed the application.

This is 10 min quick sketch of Saji's wife holding her daughter...all of this is sooo unthinkable to me.

I've got some more sketches from todays' lunch break:) and production meeting.

Joy Journal - I was walking home with loads of shopping (heavy as ever) and on my way each crossing light was green for me, God was making my way home pleasant! (as much as it could be) :)

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