Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Looooooonnnng Weeeeekend

I had a really nice long weekend. Starting from Saturday (cloths shopping, btw. I've decided to go shopping once a month as it gives me more pleasure and I can devote one Sat a month).

then Sunday - I went to Tate Britain.
I was interested in Peter Paul Rubens sketch "The Apotheosis of James I" and I wasn't disappointed. It's really amazing to be able to have a close look at paintings like this!!!
Because it was only one room on Rubens I've decided to have a look around and flicked through William Blakes' "I still go on / Till the Heavens and Earth are gone".
Next one in line was exhibition on Historic British Art dating 1500-1900

Before entering the last exhibition I had to get some fresh air...and my Mum needed to smoke so we sat in front of Tate trying to come back to our full senses (it wasn't only us who needed some air:)
Last exhibition at Tate - sculpture "The Return of the Gods: Neoclassical Sculpture". I like the difference between painting and sculpture and I couldn't resist going aroung each sculpture to have a look at the back of it! It's so different than painting...3D, artists have to think not only how it looks in front but the back of it, side and everything! It's good to have an idea, it gives me ability to look at my sketches as not only flat piece of paper.

Because of the beautiful weather we've decided to have a walk to Trafalgar Squere, and we've managed to pop into National Gallery! Free entry - I was interested in Renaissance paintings so we focused on that section.

I was too tired to sketch...not even that it was fully packed and we didn't have much space to have a closer look!
I've enjoyed my day so much, and I hope to do more escapades like this soon and schedule them somewhere in my timetable:) I've been sketching and at the end, I wish I did more of sketching, but I have to take it easy at the beginning, step by step, I was terrified when people in gallery looked at me and were watching me sketching while I was only doing the outlines and wished I desappeared...

I also saw (by accident) that the gallery guardians sketch as well, and their sketches (graphie) are amazing even though in smalllest sketchbooks I've ever seen! What a skill!!!

on Monday - only a quick sketch for a new challenge "Draw your daily newspaper"...well I don't read daily newspapers so I've decided to sketch magazines I usually read:)
JOY JOURNAL - "what makes me happy right now?" - idea of finishing work one hour earlier today:)


Alan said...

Sounds like a very good time. Glad to see the sketches too. They all look great.

Shirley said...

You had an amazing weekend - and if I read it correctly - a long walk from Tate Britain to the National Gallery. Fun to see your sketches. I had such a wonderful time visiting London for one year and still remember every special exhibit we saw in both museums.

Margaret Ann said...

Love these....a great idea! :)

Shelly McC said...

Fantastic sketches!

simplyred said...

What fun this must have been. A definitely "joy" day. I wish I could have joined you in your gallery hopping. I would so love to see London and all of England and Europe and Asia and, well, you get the idea! Your sketches are always wonderful and these are no exception.

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