Wednesday, 28 May 2008


I don't know where the problem is, but when I attache picture there is no way that I click on it and it pops out in new window enlarged...I have no idea what I'm doing wrong...maybe you can tell me???
anyway, here is WiP Part II, it's the last drawing in my old sketchbook and I want to finish it asap. So I am working, slowly:)

last page in my sketchbook

so, another accomplishment:) I've managed to go through and finish my second sketchbook, cannot wait to start a new one:)
a few things and new ideas to focus on (these are from Danny's Creative License)
  • Give your work away, then make more (be generous)
  • Focus - spend less time on success and more on art. Figure out what you really want.
  • Figure Out What You're About - what do you like to do, what is your medium, your subject matter, your style?
  • Never complain, never explain. Be yourself and be glad of it. Creativity needs light & nourishment
JOY JOURNAL - "I've managed to do my workout"

1 comment:

Sue said...

I really like these a lot. What a great street drawing that is!

It was good reading your comments too - it's good to be reminded of these things.

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