Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I need a plan - I said to myself, daily plan to be able to fit my sketching breakes into my life. So, what I’ve done? For 3 days I’ve been putting down in my notebook what I was doing during the day. And I was amazed by how many things (!) and at the end of the day it was quite a long list. The problem was and is..that I don’t realize how much time certain things take me, and one of the most important thing I’ve found out that I’ve got limits…that I am not a super hero (as I used to think) but a human being that needs some rest, breaks, and also normal life.
It was a shock for me, but here I am, knowing what I found out I can plan my day better and what’s the most important thing – I can prepare myself for sketching at home i.ex. I’ve got a drawing which I want to copy so I’ll wake up earlier in the morning and just do it. Little things that make my life more organized and I don’t feel that lost any more.
So, from today onwards, I am planning my sketch-breaks.
Anyway, on Saturday I went to see an exhibition "Vanity Fair Portraits 1913-2008", I didn't do much sketching...just writing down things I would like to check. This exhibition was recommended by my Uni as a help for project I need to prepare "Introduction"...
It's amazing how photographs from the front covers changed. I mean nowadays most of pictures are...nudes. Actors, models, celebrities any kind...nudes, nudes, nudes. Maybe they think that's the only way to drag our attantion...that if they have clothes on picture is not that interesting...what's interesting in them then? Nude pose?
But I still prefer old fashioned pictures, there is something about them...

I am trying to finish this drawing...it's not easy as I don't find it easy to draw this way, but I need practice, practice, practice:) so here it is pencil 3B & 5B (WIP)

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Anonymous said...

great idea about planning your sketching breaks. I was doing that rigidly for quite awhile with the Trudge, but I've gotten a bit more flexible with it now as far as when in the day I do it. Morning before work seems to be my best time (if i get up and make time... ugh). Nice sidewalk city-scapes! congrats on finishing a sketchbook. thanks for putting a link to my blog on your P-n-P blog!

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