Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Painting 1
I've managed to accomplish my first project!!! Two paintings for my mother on the Mother's Day. It's not that I am proud but I am so happy (I did it!!!). It is very common with me, that I've got loads of ideas on what I would do, and this is really good stuff but...I very rarelly accomplish it. I start something and never finish and then I am angry with myself and don't really respect myself...do you ever have this feeling?
So this time I feel good about finishing (regardless the effect, my inner critic is screaming;/ but I just pretend I don't hear her).
Now I can move on to something else, I think it would be a good idea for me to start painting from pictures (as I don't really do this), it will give me some practice and it's a good exercise.
I still have to finish one of my projects...Neighborhood as by the end of June we have to move out from the flat we currently live in. I seem to remember things better (or even notice things) if I sketch them:).
Anyway, two projects on my way "Introduction" and "Neighborhood".
Painting 2
Btw. My Mother recognised her Mother on the paintings straight away! So I am not so bad after all:)
Joy Journal - giving my mother a present which I made with my own hands.


MaryO said...

Just wonderful, Anetka! Your mother will certainly treasure them.

Margaret Ann said...

You are such a lovely daughter...beautiful! I loved your joy journal comment too!:)

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