Tuesday, 8 April 2008

on Friday on my way home I took 10 precious minutes to sketch this tree - it's amazing, when I look at it it seems like it's been taken out from a fairytale or another dimension - or maybe just maybe, that it is an entrence to another dimension...or fairytale...

on Sun I woke up and the world turned to be white again (winter is back) a quick sketch, trying to capture snow...not as easy as it seems:)
on Monday I was changing all the carpets in our flat - 2 bedrooms and 1 living room plus passage!!! I had to move all my furniture form all the rooms (!!!) on Sun and on Mon after two gentlemen fitted new carpets move all furniture back in (!!!) it was a nightmare!
I wouldn't be able to do any of these if it wasn't for Nad (my Man) and Basia (my younger Sis) and of course my Mum who was keeping an eye on speed:)

So I would like to thank all of you very much.
Our B*A*N team is the best:)
by the end of the play on Sun we were so tired that we couldn barely move! we had our favorite Nando's meals that was it!

the last sketch is my Sis on the floor - exhausted!! and pieces of carpet left that we still have to take to our garage...I think probably next weekend:)


Alan said...

I know what it is like to move rooms of furniture. In all that finding time to do sketches. One busy weekend remembered.

Margaret Ann said...

A great journal series to treasure...the blossoming tree is so lush and fabulous! :)

Lynn said...

All of your sketches are great, but the tree is particularly lovely. It's nice that you recorded your weekend by drawing it!

clare said...

Hi Anetka, Thank you... I have enjoyed a stroll or, is that scroll?, through your blog and I like your obvious progession! Much more human and lovelier than perfection! Give me more, Please.

Ann said...

Terrific sketches, all of them! I especially love that tree - what gorgeous color!

Linda said...

Great set of sketches! How wonderful that you were able to find time to draw when you had such a busy weekend! ;-)

simplyred said...

Really enjoyed my first visit to your blog (came through the Everyday Matters Group). Beautiful artwork.


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