Wednesday, 9 April 2008

last sketch from last weekend, our living room in the middle of changing carpets process. I am still recovering:)
The weather is better now, sun is shining and again you can feel spring in the air. I've got a plan for today - sketching and a short workout (body movement always makes me feel better). I need to start moving again, my work (office job) doesn't realy help 9 hrs on the chair in front of computer - it's realy depressing. From February I started doing some workouts and my mood improved. Amazing!!!

Now I only need 36 hrs day:)) and more strenghts to go through it...:)


Knitting Painter Woman said...

This is really great enlarged! Your rendition of the blinds is striking. Love the variety of colors and line widths. What exercise doesn't cure is often aided by full spectrum light or sunshine. Keep drawing!

Just because said...

Doesn't look like you have a lot of room to exercise here either! Nice fluid sketch (as usual!). Thanks for sharing your world.


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