Monday, 21 April 2008

Good To Be Back

Did I miss my blog or what!!?? Did I miss drawing or what??!!

Well, I think I’ve managed to do everything what I had planned in Poland. Every single time is the same scenario, I dream of holidays and then I end up finishing stuff, dealing with civic offices, banks and everything/ anything/ everyone else in Poland which appear out of nowhere! So, summary:
surgery on my veins (ticked),
ID collection (ticked),
Shopping mainly for books on Prague and Mexico (in Polish language) (ticked),
drawing – sketching (ticked not as much as I wished),
finding restaurants in Bielsko (ticked – I am becoming more and more aware that there actually are a few restaurants in my home town. Funny, I’ve never used to go and eat outside my house!!),
visiting my grandmas’ grave (ticked)
not ticked:
meeting my friend Ania
visiting my aunt and uncle
popping into my friend’s house for a chat
The most important thing is behind Us as well. Introducing Nad (my Man) to my Father. I wasn’t scared and I knew that my Father will accept him (although they cannot communicate one to another as my Dad doesn’t speak English) but it was an important thing for me, and for Nad as well so we all could feel a LITTLE pressure.
So as everything went well we all could feel relieved - also my Dad:) I spent some time with him, as we saw each other one year ago and last time we spoke…well that would be like 2 years now.
So here We are, back again and I am sooo happy to be here! It was all good in Poland but I feel more at home here in London now.
Here we go, first sketches, I haven’t done much sketches as…most of the time I was busy. But a few is better than nothing.
First sketch is of my dog, her name is Mufka:) and she is just tooooooo sweeeet:) second sketch - usual breakfast at around 1 pm - roll with coffeeeeeeee lots of cofffeeee and of course a pack of cigarettes for Nad...:/
Third sketch - an eagel on my fathers wall! an eagel is staffed and it's real. I don't like killing animals and hanging them on your wall, but my dad doesn't mind so for me it's a good experience to tauch and have a close look.
Now, glasses are my fathers' - I had to draw them as when he wears it, he looks totally like my grandma!!! I couldn't believe it. He never wore glasses in his life and when I saw him the impression of alikeness was too strong to resist (though I regret not drawing him wearing glasses - next time:)
Last sketch represents a place where all cultural events from our small society take place. I celebrated my 18th birthday in this place!!! You can find art classes for kids, singing lessons, (none of them for adults) dancing, aerobics etc. I was too shy and ashamed to even enroll to any of these classes when I was a kid...
Anyway, that would be all for now...
I have some more sketches but I need to finish them off first :)
is it me...or is my English getting worse - one week away and look what happens!!!


Alan said...

Welcome home. You were missed

Anetka said...

thank you Alan:)

SCquiltaddict said...

Great the dog ones especially...they are such great subjects arent they but the others are wonderful if i could just read polish:>

Margaret Ann said...

Welcome back! :) Great sketches from a wonderful trip...nice mini drawings! You really did a lot! :)

simplyred said...

Welcome back! I wondered why you didn't have any new postings. But your sketches were worth waiting for.

Ms. Ernie

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Hi Anetka,

I don't know that I've ever left a comment on your blog, but I visit it regularly and I love your drawings!!

Visiting Poland would be amazing!

Also, I've tagged you on my latest blog entry. Feel free to play the tagging game if you'd like...but you don't have to either :)

Lynn said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I think you're sketches are wonderful, especially the food ones. Welcome back!

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